Beer and dessert is the best kept secret love-affair

Beer and dessert is the best kept secret love-affair

These days it seems like that everybody is an expert when it comes to pairing wine with desserts. Certainly dessert wines are nothing new, but matching after-dinner desserts with any beer might be a huge challenge even for the top beer expert out there.

This happens mainly because pairing drinks with any food is a very difficult task because there are other hidden elements to consider.

Sweetness is business

How sweet your dessert should be to take full advantage of the Van Bulck Organic Belgian craft beer range?

Sweetness is crucial indeed. The sugar content in any cake, chocolate and dessert in general usually changes your perception of the beer you taste. Therefore balance is key to this particular pairing.

If your dessert is sweeter than the beer, you’ll surely be disappointed.

Bitterness, alcohol, and acidity can perceived as aggressive and can destroy all flavours’ balance.

TIP: Make sure that the Van Bulck Beer you choose is as sweet or sweeter than its accompanying dessert.

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Look for intensity everywhere

As rule of thumb all drinks should increase in intensity as the meal progresses.

The reason is that if you decrease in intensity you can have the feeling of drinking weak drinks compared to their predecessors even though this theory can make sense.

Unfortunately if you follow this rule, you’ll see many dessert served with too intense, strong and alcoholic beers. This pairing can be very disappointing sometimes.

TIP: When in doubt, try to pair desserts with beers that have a bit less bitterness and alcohol than you think.

How to pair red fruits-desserts

 Red fruit desserts - Van Bulck beer wild fruit

If you’re looking for the best beer to pair with fruit-based desserts then Yeast is your best ally.

For instance Van Bulck’s Organic Wild Fruit Beer is made from seven different fruits and Hallertau hops including cherries, pomegranate, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit and blackberries. It’s a delightful explosion of red fruits in you mouth from the very first taste.

Although there is a very fruity taste of strawberries, raspberries and cherries, it is not as sweet as you imagine. For this very reason you can also fully enjoy it with dishes such as venison, Stilton cheese and some French heavier cheeses.

This is a proper Belgian tradition – you can expect to find fruity yeast flavour in Belgian ales, German wheat ales and some English ales.

Be careful to pick the best fruit beer though has not all the sweet beers on the market come with added fruit and this can make or break any great dessert pairing.

Moreover you need to experiment and forget the rules as every beer and every dessert has a different level of sweetness, intensity and flavours to be balanced. This makes pairing especially challenging when it comes to beers and desserts.

While the above suggestions will certainly help you, don’t forget to be as creative as possible. Make sure you experiment all pairing possibilities, which extend far beyond what’s in this article.

The perfect dessert pairing may be hiding there, just waiting for you to be discovered.



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