Benefits of Keeping Gluten Out Of Your Beer

Benefits of Keeping Gluten Out Of Your Beer

Gluten-free beer is made from ingredients that do not contain gluten. Therefore they’re very suitable to people who have gluten intolerance (including celiac disease) or a reaction to certain proteins in the grains commonly used to make beer such as barley and wheat. Here’s why the gluten free beers might be the best option for you!

For most people now staying healthy and following a diet free from grains, commonly referred to as a gluten-free diet is very important as consumers become more and more health conscious.

The good news is that gluten-free beers have been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years and the future looks indeed very bright for them. However, depending on where you live, gluten-free beer can be somewhat tricky to find. Call your local craft beer store and inquire about their selection of gluten-free beers. Depending on whether or not they have the beer you’re looking for, it’s possible that they can special order it for you.

One delicious example of a gluten-free beer is from Van Bulck Beers.

Our Van Bulck’s Gluten Free Organic Lager has been awarded a bronze medal at the 2014 International Beer Challenge for its light, clean flavour with a light honey and walnut after taste.

The brewing process used to make Van Bulck’s Gluten Free Organic lager is something that only a few brewers master. It is brewed using gluten free organic barley malt together with a variety of hops, Kent Golding, Styrian Golding and Northern Brewer, resulting in a light and balanced flavour that accompanies a wide variety of dishes or is just enjoyable to drink on its own.

Van Bulck Beers was created to bring high quality organic and healthy drinks to people to enjoy without additives. The range of beers have been developed by Denis Renty in partnership with a brewery that has been brewing beers for seven generations, established in 1830. Van Bulck’s beers are based on an old family recipe, which has been adapted to suit the palate of today.

But not every customer wants the same thing. Some customers prefer to eat and drink healthy while going out. More restaurants and pubs now carry gluten-free beer to cater to this new generation of diners and drinkers.

Gluten-free beers have also received a lot of coverage in fitness magazines.

There are a lot of gluten-free products in the marketplace. Gluten-free beers are an option for those restaurants looking to capitalize on healthier trends. Making celiac victims aware of GF options on your menu ensures your restaurant can offer an attractive option for both people with celiac disease and people who choose to live gluten-free.



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