Full of handpicked fresh organic strawberries.

Free from additives, preservatives, artificial sugar or colorants.

33 cl Alc. 4.4 %


Van Bulck Natural Strawberry is a Belgian fruit beer of 4.4% with a soft pink colour and fine sparkle. In this beer, you will clearly discover the aroma and taste of natural strawberries without added sugars. When tasting Van Bulck Natural Strawberry, you will instantly notice how it is not sweetened with artificial ingredients. The aroma of strawberry is immediately noticeable in the nose, accompanied by hints of yogurt and almond. The strawberry also plays a prominent role in the taste of the beer. The intense fruitiness is supported by a soft body. The fine acidity of the fruit reinforces the tart character of the beer. A short and soft finish completes the tasting experience.

By Sofie Vanrafelghem – Master Beer Sommelier

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