Refreshing thanks to the intense aroma of organic coriander and orange peel.

Free from additives, preservatives, artificial sugar or colorants.

33 cl Alc. 4.4 %


Van Bulck Pure White is an authentic Belgian witbier (also known as wheat beer) of 4.4% with a beautiful, creamy foam head. In the nose, you can discover delicious aromas of freshly harvested wheat and baked bread. The spicy notes reveal that the beer was brewed with coriander and dried orange peel. Already during the first sip, you notice how these aromas are supported by a soft but full body. At the same time, you will discover a surprising freshness. This is caused by the hints of wheat and citrus that are so typical of this beer style. In the aftertaste, the coriander plays a prominent role again, giving the beer a nice, spicy aftertaste. Van Bulck Pure White offers everything you can expect from a beautiful Belgian wheat beer.

By Sofie Vanrafelghem – Master Beer Sommelier

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