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Our organic Van Bulck Beers are the ideal solution if you’re striving for a better and healthier lifestyle without giving up your favourite pleasure. They are natural, organic and produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, genetic engineering (biotechnology), growth hormones, irradiation or antibiotics.
Our Van Bulck organic beers are better for your health and good for the planet too. The range of organic gluten-free beers are:
Gluten Free Organic Lager
(Winner of the International Beer Challenge in 2014)
Organic Blonde Beer
(Winner of the International Beer Challenge in 2015)
Organic Wild Fruit Beer
They are available to purchase from various exclusive distributors across the UK and Ireland, including the iconic Harvey Nichols.

“The brewing process for gluten-free beer is something only few brewers master. Van Bulck craft beers are made from gluten poor and organic barley malt, which produces a healthy drink with a light and balanced flavour that accompanies a wide variety of dishes. Our brewery in Flanders, Belgium has been brewing beers for seven generations, since 1830. Our brewer has also been awarded by the ‘Fédération des études et recherches dans l’industrie de fermentation’ for his scientific study ‘The return of the hopping during the cooking of the wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whiskey) and the loss of bitter agents during the further production process’. The brewery has undergone significant investment over the years to improve the quality of the beer as well as increasing the brewing capacity to cope with demand and to meet the strict requirements of brewing organic beers.”


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Van Bulck Gluten Free Organic Lager

Van Bulck Gluten Free Organic Lager 4.5%abv

Awarded a bronze medal at the 2014 International Beer Challenge, Van Bulck’s Gluten Free Organic Lager is a light, clean beer with a light honey and walnut after taste. The brewing process used to make Van Bulck’s Gluten Free Organic lager is something that only a few brewers master. It is brewed using gluten free organic barley malt together with a variety of hops; Kent Golding , Styrian Golding and Northern Brewer, resulting in a light and balanced flavour that accompanies a wide variety of dishes or is just enjoyable to drink on its own.

Tasting Notes
As this is a light and very clean clear beer with a touch of hoppy aftertaste, it is ideal to drink with shellfish such as oysters, clams, crab, mussels, … Or just to enjoy with friends on a sunny afternoon!

Drinking Experience
A fresh and light first impression where you can taste the barley and hops with a light honey and walnut aftertaste.

Food Pairing Suggestions
• Shellfish • Oysters • Crab • Salads • Soft cheeses such as goat cheese


Van Bulck Organic Blonde Beer 4.6%abv
Awarded a bronze medal at the 2015 International Beer Challenge, Van Bulck’s Organic Blonde Beer is unfiltered and fermented in the bottle. It is brewed mixing a unique combination of three different grains using barley, wheat and spelt. We use Kent Golding and Hallertau hops, together with Orange peel and coriander, that’s why the beer has a pronounced aroma of green fruits with hints of liquorice and dried apricots with a smooth, bittersweet aftertaste delivered by the spelt and wheat.

Tasting Notes
There is a very pronounced fresh smell of green fruits such as Granny Schmidt apple along with hints of liquorice sweets and dried apricots.

Drinking Experience
A bittersweet balance with an aftertaste delivered by the spelt and wheat. It is very smooth which is ideal to drink with white meat and grilled fish served with light Mediterranean sauce. Also ideal with refreshing desserts such aslemon cake, panna cotta with an apricot coulis.

Food Pairing Suggestions
• White meat, poultry, rabbit • Grilled fish with Mediterranean sauce • Lemon cake • Panna cotta with apricot coulis

Van Bulck Organic Blonde Beer


Van Bulck Organic Wild Fruit Beer

Van Bulck Organic Wild Fruit Beer 4.7%abv

Van Bulck’s Organic Wild Fruit Beer is made from seven different fruits and Hallertau hops including; cherries, pomegranate, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit and blackberries. Reminiscent of grandmother’s fresh fruit marmalade, the beer delivers an explosion of red fruits from the first taste. Don’t let the fruit fool you though – it’s not as sweet as you’d imagine!

Tasting Notes
An explosion of red fruits which takes you back to the old days of grandmother’s fresh fruit marmalade.

Drinking Experience
Although there is a very fruity taste of strawberries, raspberries and cherries, it is not as sweet as you imagine. A perfect accompaniment to game such as venison. The beer would also work well with any red fruit dessert as well as standing up to blue cheeses and some French heavier cheeses.

Food Pairing Suggestions
• Venison and any stew • Red fruits desserts • Stilton cheese • French cheese

Our Beer – Taste Experience

Taste Experience

We use gluten poor and organic barley malt to make our beers. This is said to result in a lighter, more
balanced flavour that can match with a variety of food recipes. Indulge yourself into fresh aromas of honey
and walnut, herbal notes with liquorice, apple and soft apricot or ripe, raw red fruits. Three very natural tasting
expressions which can be versatile when it comes to matching with food. For example, the organic lager
would go well with oysters, crab, mussels and shellfish, whilst the blonde beer paired with white meat or
lemon cake would go down very well. The wild fruit beer though would pair nicely with red fruits, venison or
strong cheese such as the French styles or Stilton.


of success


The International Beer Challenge 2014 & 2015 awarded Van Bulck Beers a Bronze Medal for Taste to our Gluten-free Organic Lager and our Organic Blonde Beer. More than 500 beers from 30 countries entered the competition which was judged by UK beer experts including retailers, importers, publicans, brewers, writers and flavour analysts, as well as highly experienced judges from continental Europe to give a comprehensive spread of tasting experience. “The IBC is not an easy competition in which to win a medal of any colour”, says Chairman of the judges, Jeff Evans. “Our judges are amongst the most demanding around, all of them experts from across the brewing industry. They don’t give medals away cheaply and so bronze and silver medals in the IBC, I believe, are worth much more than golds in other competitions.”


International Beer Challenge 2015 Bronze Medal