What Are the Healthy Nutrients in Beer? Antioxidants, B-Vitamin and Protein Are There… But Drink Responsibly!

What Are the Healthy Nutrients in Beer? Antioxidants, B-Vitamin and Protein Are There… But Drink Responsibly!

As you already know – not all beers are the same when looking at the vitamin content.

They can be made with different ingredients and so the potential effects and benefits vary widely.

Not all of them are genuine, organic and gluten free as the award winning Van Bulck Gluten Free Lager is.

Some researchers have found different positive health benefits in beer consumption. Some contains a lot of vitamins, which we’ll be listing here.

Let’s have a close look at them:



Beer has several B vitamins, according to the NetWellness website. Beer is usually richest in niacin. Also known as vitamin B3, you’ll find 1.828 milligrams in a 12-oz. glass of beer.

Vitamin B6

Drink a 12-oz. glass of beer and you’ll get 0.164 mg of vitamin B6, according to the USDA. This may be because the yeast made to brew beer is rich in the entire range of B-complex vitamins.

Pantothenic Acid

You’ll get a boost of pantothenic acid, a water-soluble vitamin, when you sip your beer. In a 12-oz. serving, you’ll get 0.146 mg of the vitamin, the USDA reports.

Other B Vitamins

You’ll find trace amounts of other B vitamins in beer. This, the USDA notes, includes thiamin at 0.018 mg; riboflavin at 0.089 mg; vitamin B12 at 0.07 micrograms; and folate at 21 micrograms.


A 12-oz. glass of beer holds a high amount of the water-soluble choline vitamin — 36 mg, the USDA reports.


Flavonoids act as antioxidants in your body and help prevent damage to your cells from free radicals. Flavonoids are more commonly associated with other drinks like green tea or wine. However, Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute explains, beer, specifically lager beer, may have higher concentrations of antioxidants than green tea. However, this doesn’t make beer healthier than green tea, due to beer’s calorie and alcohol content.


Along with whole grains, cereals, and some vegetables (green beans among them), beer provides silicon, which is known to improve bone matrix quality.


You can then enjoy beer because is made from brewer’s yeast, which, the University of Maryland Medical Center explains, is rich in several minerals and vitamins. However you like to drink beer, a single 12-ounce serving can provide you with more important vitamins and minerals than wine or hard liquor, according to Webster University.


Enjoy beer in moderation: no more than a couple drinks a day.


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